Jeff Sessions is bad for America

imagesAdam Serwer of The Atlantic has delved in to the complicated case of Jeff Sessions, Donald J. Trump’s choice for attorney general,

He found:

Sessions’s allies, and even Sessions himself, seem to have embellished key details, and to have inflated his actual role in the case, presenting him not merely as a cooperative U.S. attorney who facilitated the prosecution of the two Klansmen, but the driving force behind the prosecution itself. The details of the case don’t support that claim.

For more information, go to this article at The Nation.



5 responses to “Jeff Sessions is bad for America

  1. I see that Franken warned him about distorting his record. Not that it will make much difference.
    The same reason he was rejected for a federal judgeship should still apply. The man’s a racist.

    • Card-carrying one. Let’s hope the Senate does the right thing.

      • Can you think of three Senate Republicans who will go against the Trumptini? Because that’s what it’s going to take after Senate Democrats changed the rules in 2013, (a filibuster is no longer an option). I haven’t read about any Senate Republican even questioning Sessions’ nomination.

        He’s in. Republicans know it. Democrats know it. The “right thing” isn’t an option.

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