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5 responses to “Presented without comment

  1. While I understand the tax dollar part, the God’s Will part is just nonsense.
    Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by God, if you believe in that kind of thing. Or it can be caused by prescription drug interaction, or as a single drug side effect. It could be the result of surgery…like prostate surgery. It could be the result of an injury.

    There is, actually, an intelligent question about “medical necessity” concerning ED treatment and contraceptives that will eventually need to be discussed if we ever decide on an intelligent healthcare delivery system. But it’s not likely to come out of anything Freedumb Nation is doing.

    • No. If it’s sex, we probably won’t have an intelligent conversation any time soon. Maybe if we keep calling it “procreation?” No. THAT hasn’t worked…

      • And if it’s healthcare we won’t have an intelligent conversation any time soon either. Intelligent conversations are contrary to the demands of the markets. UnAmerican.

      • I’m gonna vent in general….Those who want to control the accessibility to contraception are diverting attention from their gender bias and bigotry toward people who are economically disadvantaged. Maybe the press & public discussion should be more direct. Discussion gets caught up in religion or economics or insurance, when the bottom line is, there is male gender preference. Gender bias is so ingrained, so pervasive, that many look beyond it toward the next bias that involves men as topic of discussion. I’m not saying we ignore men. I’m saying women and men should be treated as equal partners, and some religions and politicians and laws and everyday people are not on board.

        • “…there is male gender preference.”
          No argument.
          Gender bias is ingrained, pervasive.
          No argument.
          “… women and men should be treated as equal partners…”
          No argument. But that’s never going to happen, as far as healthcare is concerned, in a healthcare delivery system that is based upon inequality.

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