Here’s the text of Pres. Obama’s farewell address.

download-1Read it here. Read the fact-checked version here.

While Pres. Obama was going high, I was going low, answering Irma from North Carolina, a Trump supporter who suggested I buy a ticket to any foreign country:

Ha ha ha ha ha and ha. See the news tonight? Russia has been helping Trump for at last five years. Fed him oppositional research on his opponents — including Clinton. Oh, and Trump paid Russian prostitutes to pee on a bed while he watched. That’s your candidate, Irma. He’s yours. Read your newspaper. Read for comprehension. Watch your television. You’ve elected a disgusting lying shell of a human and you want to talk about the MESS Obama made?
What nonsense. Check the unemployment rate. Look at what Obama did with what Bush handed him.
Oh, and I’m not crying. I was for Sanders. So I’m fired up. And I’m marching while you sit home and applaud Trump, who is fixing to rob you blind.
As for my leaving the country, that’s one of the stupidest things in your email, Irm. I will stay right here, because I’m an American and this is my country and not you nor the powers of hell can change that.
Onward. Good luck with your new president. You’re going to need it. Now leave me alone. I’m listening to my president’s farewell address. I believe this is the last bit of class I’m going to see from the Oval Office for a few years.

4 responses to “Here’s the text of Pres. Obama’s farewell address.

  1. Let’s forget for a minute that there’s no evidence in the scandal mongering passing for journalism in the MSM that Trump received direct aid from Russia for his campaign.

    Let’s just assume it’s true.

    Why is it okay for Clinton to get the very same type of aid from Ukraine? (Can we believe Politico?) Isn’t there a double standard in play here?

    Speaking of double standards…
    Why is it existentially evil for Russians to “denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency” with leaked/hacked information, (the veracity of which has never been challenged, by anybody), pushed into the media through various sources, while being perfectly acceptable for our intelligence community to leak and otherwise push into the media, through various sources, unverified rumors of dubious origin clearly designed to denigrate the President-Elect and otherwise harm his potential ability to govern?

    And sticking with double standards….
    historian Marc Trachtenberg:

    Since 1945, America has intervened in the internal political affairs of other countries as a matter of course. Our basic attitude has been that free elections are great — as long as they don’t produce outcomes the U.S. government doesn’t like. Many of these episodes — Indochina, Congo, Chile, the Dominican Republic, and so on — are quite well-known.
    … None of this should be dismissed as ancient history. The habits that were formed during the Cold War period remain very much intact.
    …The assumption is that while we have the right to intervene in the internal political affairs of all kinds of countries around the world, it is outrageous if any of them try to do the same thing to us. We have the right to eavesdrop on the private communications of the leaders of foreign countries, but it is outrageous that they should try to hack into the email accounts of American leaders and their associates. America is the “indispensable nation,” and the rules that apply to other countries simply do not apply to us. Those are the unspoken assumptions, and it’s not hard to imagine how foreigners react to the sort of behavior they lead to.

    The New Red Scare is a sham. And it has the potential to be more divisive than the 2016 campaign. Which…when you think about it…is exactly where the people who own this country want us to be.
    Irma’s a victim.
    There’s a lot of that going around.

    • I am sorry. I don’t lack complete compassion for Irma, though I have a hard time accessing it through her email. And no one said it’s OK to receive this kind of aid from a foreign power — be the recipient a Democrat or a Republican. Nor have I applauded our own dirty tricks against foreign powers. I think what sticks in my craw here (and don’t mistake my dislike of Trump and his…policies, such as we’ve heard about…for love of Clinton; Sanders was my candidate) is the hypocrisy coming from the Republican “winner.” He says in his press conference that he has no ties with Russia. Bullshit. He has a lawyer explain in perfect lawyerese that he really doesn’t want to let go of his businesses, so he won’t. The list goes on and on and on.

      • Hypocrisy from politicians is Business As Usual.

        Trump knows, from his close personal relationship with the Clintons over the years, that when the Administration ends is when the big bucks start rolling in. If there’s evidence somewhere his conflicts of interest are more egregious than what’s in the portfolio’s of most members of Congress, I would be surprised.

        It’s what he says about ObamaCare® and the Supreme Court that scares the shit out of me. And the way he disparages anyone in the press that’s trying to do their job.

        We are not just merely fucked. We are really most sincerely fucked.

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