160 million Americans can’t afford a broken arm

8affb93180248f3a5835c393ee111775Elevate’s Center for the New Middle Class released a study that says that so-called “Non-Prime Americans,” who are, according to the study, “Americans with a credit score below 700, meaning that their access to credit is limited or curtailed:”

  • Nonprime Americans can only weather an unexpected expense of 31 percent of their monthly income. Prime, 53 percent
  • Nonprime Americans are significantly more likely to have lower incomes.
  • A bill becomes a crisis for nonprime Americans at $1,400. For Prime, it’s $2,900.
  • Many common expenses are above that threshold for nonprime Americans, but below it for prime Americans.
  • Half of nonprime Americans have an income that fluctuations month to month.
  • Almost half of nonprime Americans have more than three disrupting expense events a year.
  • Nonprime Americans can survive only half as long as prime Americans after a drop in income.

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      1. Yeah…I wonder about the perspective and goals of people who choose to refer to other people in terms most often reserved for cuts of beef.

        And the New Middle Class? Is no middle class. New ways to ration credit isn’t going to change that.

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