Jim Acosta was doing his job

Donald J. Trump, in his first press conference since July, did his thing, including calling out CNN (and Buzzfeed) for “fake news,” and then refusing to call on Jim Acosta, senior White House correspondent of CNN (you can watch it above). (Acosta later said a Trump spokesman threatened to expel him.)

Here’s the thing. In our New Normal, I really wish the White House press corps would show some guts, and when one of their colleagues is unable to ask a question, they forget about competition and get the question asked. Act like a press pool, and decide what three questions (or five, I’m easy) need answered, and then EVERYBODY ASK THE SAME QUESTION UNTIL IT GETS ANSWERED.

You’re welcome. Brand loyalty is dead. Go for the truth.

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  1. Gatekeeping just got a lot more interesting.

    I don’t think MSM reporters are going to risk their access to The King of All Things to get some other reporter’s question asked.

    1. Maybe not, but there’s a pretty healthy push among reporters that they do precisely that. If your loyalty is to the truth (and not your paycheck), you’re free to do things a new way.

      1. I’d like to see it, but I don’t think it will do anything but compel Trump to stop doing regular press conferences. Or stop doing them at all. He’s got the networks in his pocket. I doubt he sees a need to satisfy press corps demands.
        He said at this last one he stopped doing them earlier because he didn’t like what was being reported. I don’t think the Washington press corps will be seeing much of The King.
        He declared himself immune from traditional ethics when it comes to business practices. That probably includes traditional press corps demands as well.

  2. Cheeto Benito is like the godfather of fake news. Still waiting for proof that Obama was born in Kenya.

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