Here’s how it starts, ‘Murica

screenshot-2017-01-12-16-39-34According to a police report, Christopher von Keyserling, 71, a Greenwich, Conn., Republican, pinched a town employee in her groin area after calling her “nothing but a bloodsucking lazy union employee.”

The two had an earlier conversation about the election, in which is supposed to have said,

“I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct.”

Von Keyserling has been charged with charged with fourth-degree sexual assault. He is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 25.

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  1. He could not believe she could be offended.
    I’m glad she decided to press charges. She should have called the uniforms immediately. Fourth degree? Sounds a little lame to me.

      1. After an argument that resulted in her feeling threatened? That’s assault. He pursued her after she left the scene of the first assault, and he made statements that resulting in her feel threatened again. Another assault…or a continuation after pursuit. Then he committed a battery…a sexual battery.

        Fourth degree is a pass.
        She should sue him in civil court. Take it federal and force him to settle. She should fight back with every tool available to her under the law. Political correctness is one thing. Assault and battery is another.

          1. Republicans are fond of putting price tags on things. She should pin one on him.

            And on the company who failed to secure her legal right to safety in the workplace. It’s a civil rights issue. This man acted criminally because he was confident he could get away with it. That kind of confidence originates in a certain type of permissive and discriminatory work environment that has been proven to be contrary to civil rights law. She needs to pursue that angle as aggressively as she pursues the perpetrator.

            I can understand her anxiety over publicity. It makes her more of a target and could negatively affect her employability down the road. However, women need to fight back…especially now. And they need to hit hard. It’s obvious who inspired this fucker’s actions.

            Failing to be aggressive in the pursuit of equal protection under the law perpetuates…and empowers…this kind of criminal behavior. People let Trump get away with this shit. And now he’s President. Time to fight back.

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