Public support for abortion highest in two decades

pro-choice-protest-in-dublin-2011Pew Research Center says that

 57 percent of Americans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while 39 percent say it should be illegal in all or most cases.

That’s the most public support in the last two decades. What will this mean with a new president who insists he’s against abortion, mostly? Hard to say.

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  1. Looks like the only groups out of touch with public opinion are Republicans and White Evangelical Protestants…the people ruling the country. (Get a load of those Catholics!) Which would seem to add credence to the punitive restrictions argument made by Guttmacher on why the abortion rate is the lowest it’s been since Roe v. Wade.

  2. Oh yeah…and incoherent is about the nicest thing I’ve heard anyone say about Trump all week.

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