Voter fraud and you


We can argue whether Donald J. Trump actually should be president (I can argue that until the cows come home…I’ll take the negative), but a constant theme in his Tweets and in his conversations is that there is massive voter fraud, including his repetition of a much-disproven claim that “unauthorized immigrants” (the New York Times’ phrase) voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, which robbed Trump of the popular vote (by nearly 3 million).

In his long laundry list of deplorable acts, Trump has now called for an investigation into voter fraud, which multiple studies say is fairly rare — unless you count people like Trump’s senior white house adviser, that toad Steve Bannon, who is registered to vote in two states, as is Trump’s daughter, Tiffany. (Of course, what’s fraudulent is if either Trumpkin has voted in two states.)

Here’s’s take on it. Trump’s own attorneys say his claims are crap.

This would be just another lie told by Trump, but when a leader suggests there’s corruption, then the lapdogs who surround this guy start the wheels rolling to make it more difficult to vote — all under the guise of cutting down on fraud — which doesn’t exist.


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  1. Steven Mnuchin, Trumps pick for Treasury, is also registered in two States.

    This isn’t an actual call for an “investigation.” It’s a call to assemble alternative facts to bolster The Story™. Trump knows the The Story™ is more important than the truth in America. Especially when it comes to politics.

      1. More racism from the most powerful White man in the country.
        Not a good day for White Folk.

        1. He’s really hurting the franchise. Is it possible for him to do anything with which I agree? Is it me? Have I lost sight of this man’s humanity? Or has he?

          1. Bernie likes his position on the TPP.
            Bernie and other Democrats voted to approve Mad Dog Mattis for Defense. Must be something appealing to feckless “liberals” like Sanders and Warren in Mad Dog’s rhetoric: “Have a plan to kill everybody you meet. If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all. There are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot”.

            It does evoke a kind of drive-in movie nostalgia.

            As far as Trump’s “humanity” is concerned…his narcissism…sociopathy…amorality…I don’t think you’ve lost sight of it at all.

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