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comfort-stress-relievingThe Connecticut Council for Interreligious Understanding and the office for ecumenical and interreligious affairs of the Archdiocese of Hartford are hosting a “Love Thy Neighbor and Act For All Americans at 7 p.m. on Sunday at Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford.

They keynote address will be given by Rev. Dr. Alvan N. Johnson Jr.

From the press release:

Join your neighbors of many faiths and cultures as we stand together to affirm the dignity of each and all of us. Bring a friend or family member, a neighbor or colleague !

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  1. Still wouldn’t get me into church. But I’m kind of an asshole about that.

    If it’s an “interreligious” event, are atheists on the invite list?

        1. I don’t know, but this is a pretty active group. Tell me, though: If something says “interreligious,” would you expect atheists to be involved? I’d like to think everyone is invited, but would an atheist feel unwelcome at an event that included “religious?” in the title?

          1. These days? There’s no telling what self-identified atheists will do.

            For me personally? If I see an advert calling the religious to prayer in a church. I just assume they’re not talking about me. I’ve commingled with interfaith groups in the past…on a secular level. But not in church.

            I don’t know much about Islam, but…if memory serves…Muslims are forbidden from entering Christian places of worship…especially if there’s images on display. So a call to Muslims to participate in a little “interreligious understanding” in a Christian cathedral sounds a bit…well…ignorant and insensitive.

            1. But they do. They go into Catholic churches back here all the time. There are some vigorous interfaith organizations like this one that regularly meet in all places of worship, and the Muslims are there, just as the Christians and Jews are in mosques. I don’t know about a restriction (I honestly don’t) but if there is one, it’s ignored by Muslims here in CT all the time. They meet. They bring food. They participate.

              1. I’m seeing some differing opinions on that looking online. But it appears almost all opinions agree that if the purpose is to improve relations with other faiths, then it is acceptable.

                I was probably remembering something I read more fundamentalist than progressive.

            2. Certainly some do. Muslims have attended our services and while a Sunday School teacher, I invited a Muslim friend to teach the class about her religion.

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