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Yeah, well…

screenshot-2017-01-26-20-32-33I think it’s been a tough week and I think we all need to step back a little and throw ourselves into the weekend with the same vigor of this little girl.

Onward. See you Monday.


Meet the Burkes.

screenshot-2017-01-24-08-06-11They’re a lovely young couple living with her folks in East Hartford, Conn. They’re ready for a place of their own, and they’d like a diverse neighborhood.

Can you help them?

I wrote this for NEXT New England.

Photo by Ryan Caron King

Swords up!

img_0101So I went to the Women’s March on Washington, what turned out to be a half-million strong band of like-minded folks who came from all over to put the new president on notice. We’re watching. If you’ll notice the one sign, “Get Up and Walk,” that’s quoting Jesus.

img_0111We had about a two-mile walk from RFK Stadium to the actual march at the Capitol Mall, and along the way, we were greeted by townsfolk cheering us on. If you’ll notice, the older woman in the purple shirt is holding aloft her walker. It was awesome.img_0120

Some of the best political commentary came from the protest signs. I liked the one above, but the California carrying a string of small plastic hands spoke volumes to me, too.


In all, it was a long-ass day and so worth the effort. Did you march? Where? Do you want to share pictures? Everyone I walked with on Saturday knew this was the big party before the real work. We march. And then we organize. And then? We Make America Great, Period.

In precisely 10 hours, I’m on a bus…

.screenshot-2017-01-19-20-13-12..I and umpteen men, women and children on 80 buses will leave Connecticut for the trip south to the Women’s March on  Washington. We leave at 1:30 a.m. Saturday, arrive in D.C. around 7 a.m., make our ways to the march, and proceed to be very loud. Oh, and we’ll take copious pictures.

This is what democracy looks like.

We board our buses to come home around 7 p.m., arriving back in Connecticut around 12:30 a.m. Sunday.

But rest assured. Things only starts with the March.

I love Joe Biden and here’s only partly why:

Vice President Joe Biden was surprised when President Barack Obama awarded him (his brother) the Presidential Medal of Freedom — the nation’s highest civilian honor — yesterday.



Here’s the text of Pres. Obama’s farewell address.

download-1Read it here. Read the fact-checked version here.

While Pres. Obama was going high, I was going low, answering Irma from North Carolina, a Trump supporter who suggested I buy a ticket to any foreign country:

Ha ha ha ha ha and ha. See the news tonight? Russia has been helping Trump for at last five years. Fed him oppositional research on his opponents — including Clinton. Oh, and Trump paid Russian prostitutes to pee on a bed while he watched. That’s your candidate, Irma. He’s yours. Read your newspaper. Read for comprehension. Watch your television. You’ve elected a disgusting lying shell of a human and you want to talk about the MESS Obama made?
What nonsense. Check the unemployment rate. Look at what Obama did with what Bush handed him.
Oh, and I’m not crying. I was for Sanders. So I’m fired up. And I’m marching while you sit home and applaud Trump, who is fixing to rob you blind.
As for my leaving the country, that’s one of the stupidest things in your email, Irm. I will stay right here, because I’m an American and this is my country and not you nor the powers of hell can change that.
Onward. Good luck with your new president. You’re going to need it. Now leave me alone. I’m listening to my president’s farewell address. I believe this is the last bit of class I’m going to see from the Oval Office for a few years.

Hells, yeah, we march

downloadI wrote this for Mother Courant and then enjoyed a vigorous weekend of name-calling. But do not pity me. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Enjoy. And here’s more on the Pussyhat Project.