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99 ways to fight Trump

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-8-42-46-amRight here. Every day, do that one thing.

And thanks, Jan and Susan, for the link.


Give me your tired…JK

Vox reports four leaked drafts that say


According to Vox:

In all, the combined documents would represent one of the harshest crackdowns on immigrants — both those here and those who want to come here — in memory.

This is catastrophic for refugee efforts.

Now’s a good time to contact your legislators. You can do so here.

I don’t know why this is going viral but…

Consider this your moment of Zen.

I hereby offer myself as Donald J. Trump’s spiritual adviser…

…as I don’t think Franklin Graham is up to the task.

2f57657b00000578-3358633-image-a-2_1450046891428News has broken that Russia has “compromising” information on the president-elect that may involve “perverted sexual acts” including having Russian prostitutes perform “golden shower shows” for him on a bed once slept in by the Obamas.

If you have not heard of “golden showers,” perhaps you can refer to Google as I’m trying to be dainty here.

Here is the full report, unverified and containing some errors, according to news sources that chose to share it. Most of them declined, until they were able to better verify it. So you know the drill, as Sharon has said on social media. The disgraced pol must find a spiritual adviser — STAT — and then repent — though this particular pol reacted thus:


Well, no huge surprise there. But while Bro. Don works out his own salvation, I stand ready. And I will figure out how to talk to the grandkids about this, something along the lines of “Kids? Granny needs to talk to you about something in the news today. Now, a ‘golden shower’ is when two people love each other very much…”

Or, more likely, “Kids? Golden showers spread disease. Don’t do it.” Was this report a hoax? We’ll see…

So this is some of what you’re up against

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the guy looks like he needs a hug. Any one have time to give him one? And, also not to put too fine a point on it, if a woman acted like this on camera, she’d be run out on a rail.


Good morning


And another thing…

img_3459…there is a discussion online about the veracity (and wisdom) of wearing a safety pin to signal that you are an ally to members of any group of people who feel threatened by last week’s election results.

I think any one who thinks by donning a safety pin they’ve made everything all better is silly.

But I wore one on Friday, and in class, my students wanted to talk about the uptick of violence and harassment since last Tuesday. To be honest, I thought we’d already debriefed on Wednesday the day after, but we talked and I mentioned the internet meme of wearing a safety pin, and pointed out mine.

And immediately after class, two students came up to talk. One had received a racist Facebook post and another had been sexually harassed on a job interview.

Is this Trump’s fault? I am not equipped to say anything other than crappy behavior has been given a pass by our new Commander in Chief, and so I will wear a safety pin to signal that I am here, and I am an ally. No, it won’t make everything go away, but if I can end an ear and some support to someone who needs it, then good.