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We had snow

december-snowSnow falls differently for people. There are those who hate it, and hunker down indoors and bemoan the fact that they live in New England (or Minnesota or Ohio, or wherever it snowed) and now sunny Florida (or insert the warm climate of your choice).

There are those who resolutely (duty calls!) navigate the dangerous roads because at the end of their trip is a responsibility they cannot escape.

And then there are the children, who still believe in magic. Let me sit with them.

Snow falls on our seaside Connecticut town and changes everything. It blankets. It softens. It makes you forget the 30-car pile-up on I-91, and moves you to pour another cup of coffee. It also moves you, when you can’t watch a single other movie, outside to go for a walk down the middle of the street because no one else is out and the world is yours. It might even move you to walk to the beach to see the snow settling in to all the footprints of people enjoying warm days gone by.

It reminds you (that pile-up!) that what’s pretty for some is rough for others. Since I started writing about homelessness so much, I cannot enjoy weather events without thinking of people who are outside. This doesn’t make me holy but it does cut into my comfort just a little, and I guess  it probably should. Even typing that last sentence makes me feel like a Puritan.

And yet: The morning after — Sunday — the sun came out and so did the snow blowers. The day after a storm always makes me a little sad. Show’s over. Let’s clear a path. Time to get back to our routines. Dang.


The new Congress, many of whom are bought and paid for

gun-tied-in-knotGuns Down America researched the new Congress, and how much the blood-gargling NRA has invested in their success.

We must control our toddlers better

mtm2njq1mdk1odc5mdi2mjczAccording to the Press Union (building on research by the Washington Post), for the last two years, a toddler has shot someone every week. Two years. Every week.

New rules for migration

boy-standing-in-refugee-camp-in-gevgelija-serbia-dsc_8453As the Syrian refugee crisis (and the crisis surrounded refugees from so many other countries) deepens, Md. Shahidul Haque, Bangladesh’s foreign secretary, has some suggestions:

  • Stop looking at migration as a temporary, manageable thing.
  • Think about global governance.
  • Stop thinking of migrants as “workers,” and start thinking of them as people.
  • Make bold migration policies.

Let’s be like Mariah Carey’s dancers in 2017

So if you read the papers yesterday, you already know that Mariah Carey had a rough performance when she tried to ring in the New Year.

Hey. It happens, but the twitterverse was quick to jump all over the veteran performer because I’m pretty sure all those tweeters have been in a similar situation, and handled it better.

That, or they are just nasty, small-minded people.

But watch the backup dancers. They didn’t miss a lick and I have decided it would be awesome to approach this new year with the same kind of devil-may-care attitude of those dancers. They’re dancing like everyone is watching, and the effect makes me happy. So be it. Helloooo, 2017.

A slave mother’s love in 56 words


You can read more about this beautiful thing here.

This is incredibly powerful:


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