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Check out how one man helps panhandlers

Chris-Leamy-FacebookChris Leamy plays his guitar near people who ask for money in New York City, and that helps them, a lot.

This — THIS! — is a creative way to work with people who ask for money on the streets, yes?

Want to help the people of Ecuador?

160418123601-earthquake-magnitude-measurement-8-exlarge-169Here’s one way.

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador last week, and authorities there say it will take “years” to recover — even while the country is rocked by more quakes.

If you want to donate care package items for CT’s refugees

CARE_PACKAGEGo here. Aida Mansoor, of the Islamic Association of Greater Hartford (probably better known as the Berlin Mosque)  has set it up so it’s easy-peasy.

Broadway at Hamilton Heights fundraiser in Hartford

This fundraiser (set for tomorrow) supports an awesome program, where people build furniture made from abandoned pallets. They’re sturdy and pretty at the same time, that furniture.

On forgiveness and regret

Ricky_Jackson_1Check out this Christian Science Monitor story about Ricky Jackson, a Cleveland man who was unjustly imprisoned for 39 years — 39 years — and recently was released to a brand new life.

And another post about reverse-Lent

imagesIf you’re flagging on your ability to come up with a good deed to do each day for the season of Lent, here are some suggestions.

A forest of good intentions

10455033_342858385899167_3926404519272517514_nStephanie sent me this, from Facebook, with this explanation:

Hundreds of hats and scarves have been spotted in cities that are experiencing freezing temps this winter. The message attached to one scarf says: “I am not lost! If you are stuck out in the cold, please take this to keep warm!” Who thinks we should start something like this across VA, WV and NC?! You’re loved, Michael and Erica

Funny thing is, I just did this at my local Stop & Shop. I had a really nice coat that I never wore, a warm black coat that has been hanging in my closet for three seasons. I couldn’t find one of those clothes bins where you can donate, and I carried it around in my car for a week or so until I decided to leave it at my local grocery store with a note that it needed a good time. As luck would have it, I left it in the morning, and then had to make a trip back to the store later that day. The coat was gone. Maybe someone just put it in the trash, but I hope someone gave it a good time.

I love this idea.