Cakewalk for Clinton in this Canadian’s couple’s home

A couple who lives in Canadian — one is from the U.S., the other is Canuck through and through — set up an impromptu polling station in their front  yard in British Columbia. So far, Hillary Clinton has 50 votes. Harambe the dead gorilla has eight. Donald Trump has 7. God bless Canada.

Oh, irony! Thy name is Bosnia.

The Guardian has an interesting story outta Missouri (saLUTE!) about how Bosnian immigrants might turn that swing state blue. As with so many immigrant groups, some of the rhetoric that has passed for conversation during this election has moved people to register to vote — some for the first time.

Read “The Original Underclass”

Sharon sent this, a really interesting article from The Atlantic. While we cast about to define why so many white voters are drawn to Candidate Drumpf: The gloomy state of affairs in the lower reaches of white America should not have caught the rest of the country as off guard as it has—and mobilizing solutions …

“Normal” America isn’t a small town of white people

In fact, it’s New Haven, says FiveThirtyEight. Sa-LUTE! While politicians and pundits argue about American values and what means “normal America,” most of them haven’t got a clue. Meanwhile, check out this New Haven-based photographer who does have a clue.

Check out what my #COMM4500 students are doing.

We are writing a blog about wealth and income inequality and I’m really proud of the work they’ve done so far. We’re six weeks away from the end of the semester, and I’ve promised the students that if they can hit 10,000 views by semester’s end, they’ll get pizza. Tell all your friends — even if it’ll cost …