We just had a depressing year in religion news

From Religion News Service, here’s a rundown of some really crappy stuff that happened in the religion world, including: Trumpvangelicals And what precisely means “evangelicals?” Religious bigotry on campus And a few other ugly things.    

Unitarian Universalists: We must provide sanctuary and resist

The Rev. Peter Morales, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association recently wrote a letter to UU ministers that said: First, we must provide sanctuary in the broadest and richest sense of the term. We begin with offering safe places for reflection and healing for our congregants and for those coming to seek spiritual community. But […]

Your friends/family did this. Now what?

So Derrick Lemos wrote this, and it’s food for thought. I have beloved family members who have said they were able to overlook the racist/misogynistic stuff from the Republican candidate and vote for Donald Trump because they believe he will be good for business. I don’t know how you make that distinction. I sure couldn’t.

If you’re nasty…

@realDonaldTrump and Hillary Clinton squared off last night for the final presidential debate, and so much happened I feel compelled to resort to bullets: Trump said we treat immigrants better than we treat veterans. That’s a lie. Trump decried so-called entitlement programs. Why does Trump hate the elderly, the disabled, and the workers of America. […]

That time my manhood was questioned on Twitter

I’ve made no secret that I’m an asshole on Twitter. I don’t precisely revel in it, but I do accept that when one lives by the sword, one dies by the sword. I have a few rules of engagement, though. I limit my name-calling as much as possible to public figures (I know even that’s […]