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93 percent of U.S. counties aren’t recovering

RecoveredLeftover sends this, a Wall Street Journal blog on the slow recovery that really isn’t much of a recovery for most people. From the blog post:

As was the case in 2014, when just 65 counties had fully recovered, most of those that bounced back are in states benefiting from the energy boom. Last year, 72 of the recovered counties were in Texas, the most of any state. Nebraska followed with 22. Minnesota, Kentucky, North Dakota, Montana and Kansas each had at least 10 fully recovered counties.

Here’s the study on which they blog is based.


The easiest and hardest places to live in the U.S.

C’mon, people. Think when you go to the voting booth.

Small boosts in family income helps kids a lot

3f05d661d6e3919a06625920891f6f9fThis paper (and thanks, Kimberley, for sending it) from the National Bureau of Economic Research says a little boost in family income has an amazing effect on children in that family. That’s especially true for children facing behavioral or mental health challenges.

You can read more here.

Think we have enough to go around?

CMvMpc4UcAEU4RBYou can read more here.

Look who’s unemployed in Connecticut


Young people. That’s who, from CT Mirror.

New poll says Americans don’t like wealth/income inequality

indexYou can read more here.

But what do they want to do about it? That’s a little tougher. Average-wage earners aren’t crazy about the prospect of low-wage earners leap-frogging over them.

Raise the minimum wage high enough, though, and you begin to move low-wage workers reasonably close to average-wage workers. That’s something the average-wage people aren’t especially wild about. And the point at which you cross into dicey territory may come around $15 per hour.

Trickle-down economics don’t work

explaintrickledowneconomicssmallJust look at the example of Minn. Gov. Mark Dayton, who taxes the rich and raised the state’s minimum wage, and now? The state’s economy is pretty healthy, thanks.

The Dayton family ain’t hurting too bad, either.

And thanks, Jac, for the link.