The link between poverty and (mis)education

When it comes to economic inequality, and the cycle of poverty, I have been researching at my internship (New Haven Reads) how the lack of proper education contributes to the cycle of poverty. Specifically, the lack of suitable education, or education at all, provided for women creates a cycle of illiteracy, which results in the […]

And so it begins…

By the time you read this, I will be standing in front of my JRNL 3367 (Interpretive and Editorial Writing) class, my start to the Spring 2017 semester at University of New Haven. This is my fourth semester teaching there, and I have to say, the contrast between this semester and the first, say, two, is […]

When an indifferent student becomes a serious teacher:

I know you. I see you from where I’m standing, at the front of the classroom. You think I don’t know when you’re checking your phone, or you’re zoning out into space, but I do. I didn’t have a phone to check during college (back in the dark ages, when mastodons walked the earth), but […]

As you read this, I’m in class.

So if things go as planned, right about now I’ll have my PowerPoint loaded up, and I’ll walk around my desk, ask after everyone’s health, and launch into my last-lecture-of-the-semester in COMM3399, Media Campaigns. (At least, I think that’s the name of the class. I hit the midterms last semester before I realized I’d be […]

I wish I’d written this, Part CCXX

Sally sends this: “The dark rigidity of fundamentalist rural America: a view from the inside.” I think it’s an interesting take on the Elites Don’t Get White Pain,” or some such thing. Here’s a tough part: At some point during the discussion, “That’s your education talking,” will be said, derogatorily, as a general dismissal of […]

Some North Carolina teachers were arrested

They’d walked 20 miles to talk to N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory, who was indisposed. Fourteen of them were arrested when they blocked traffic. Read the comments from the teachers and parents, and why they walked. They’re damn inspiring. Here’s more on the organizing group, Organize 2020.

Rapture = School’s out forever

The Texas state Supreme Court has sided with a family that chose not to educate their children whilst awaiting the Rapture. The court did not, however, define how and whether home-schooled students should be educated. (For you uninitiated, here’s more on what means “the Rapture.”) As Mike the Heathen says — well, I stole the […]