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When food theft isn’t a crime

imagesItaly’s highest appeals court has ruled that if you’re hungry and homeless, stealing food isn’t a crime.

One court watcher said the decision to dismiss the case of a man who took some sausage and cheese from a grocery store seemed to rest on…

an Italian legal doctrine: “Ad impossibilia nemo tenetur.”

The term is Latin for “No one is expected to do the impossible.

TrusTED says: Let’s bring fatty crap back to ‘Murica’s lunchrooms

maxresdefaultBecause I couldn’t find the channel changer, I watched Ted Cruz (stop what you’re doing, and go here now) tell a screaming Indianapolis rally that when his wife, Heidi, is First Lady, there’ll be French fries back in school lunchrooms. This is not the first time he’s said such a thing.

He said “French,” not “freedom,” so I’m a little worried about that, but won’t you rest easier knowing we will once again put fatty crap onto the bodies of tomorrow’s leaders?

Honest to God, this is the stupidest campaign I’ve ever witnessed. As an aside, watch Ted glance over at Carly falling off the stage. What a guy:

In which we express our sadness over Bacon’s evil nature

baconYou knew it already, right? But here’s the latest on what ingesting Bacon (and hot dogs and other processed meats) can do to you.

Let’s play the factory farm game!

farm-playset-hed-2015In honor of World Food Day (that’s today, and thanks, Cynical, for the reminder), let’s play Factory Farm!

It’s new (kind of)! It’s gross! It’s thought-provoking! And it comes with real, live, fake-block-animals!

Americans on SNAP don’t eat well

2012-06-17_18-06-30_69Check out what, according to the Washington Post’s Wonkblog, poor people eat, as opposed to the rest of us. You’ll notice the information comes from  the UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity.

The study says:

…food stamp program participants, though they might be managing to muster as many calories as everyone else, are putting food on their plates that is substantially less healthy than even the current, uninspiring American standard.

Consumer demand did not create California’s drought

indexAs pointed out here, at ThinkProgress and here, at Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting, the fact that you like avocados (or almonds, or any of the host of crops grown in the Golden State) has nothing to do with that state’s drought.

(And that’s despite what features such as this one would have you believe.)

There’s been less rainfall than  usual, and higher temperatures, and we could consider our food system broken if we’re relying strictly on one state for our bounty.

Meanwhile, check this out. NASA has something to add to the water discussion. And thanks, Cynical, for the links.

Have a Coke and a…uh…

80 Percent of Public Schools Have Contracts With Coke or Pepsi, says Mother Jones.

Even if you don’t consider the other contents, check out how much sugar‘s in those drinks — which makes this kind of corporate double-speak, yes?