Nerds over bullies, every single time

So last night, Slate posted this story, a story that — though long — looks like the smattering of a Trump scandal, or worse. So was a Trump computer server corresponding with Russia? This morning, the New York Times said that in investigating Trump, the FBI had as yet found “no clear link to Russia.” The investigation — …

You matter. What happened to you matter.

The Department of Justice recently announced awards  of more than $38 million to help state, tribal and local government agencies to process sexual assault kits in law enforcement custody that have not been submitted to forensic laboratories. You can read more here.

What’s it called when only rich(er) people run for office?

America. From Juhem Navarro-Rivera at Demos: …analyses looking at the type of people who are elected to office at the federal and state levels often find that most elected officials come from the upper economic stratum of American society. The reason for the socioeconomic biases among those elected to office is related to the barriers that people …

Here’s one way to push back from insane state cuts

Jay Nixon has been ordered to defend a case, as an attorney, after he continued to slash the public defender’s office budget. What else should one do when an office is so overworked and so understaffed? And this is not just the situation in Missouri.