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On being grateful…

turkey…I am grateful that food is the great leveler.

I am grateful for garlic mashed potatoes.

I am grateful for pecan pie.

I am grateful for adobo.

I am grateful for flan.

I am grateful for fried turkey.

And I am grateful that for all the starts and stops of family life, I have a family with whom I can enjoy all of this. Happy Thanksgiving. May you tuck into a wonderful meal with people you love, and who love you back.

What the kids really want for Christmas

And of course, it’s a commercial.

November means Thanksgiving, and groaning tables and sharing and…

images…being grateful, of course.

So this month, I’m going to try something that’s pretty corny and I’ll probably regret it but: Every day this month, I’m going to write about something for which I am grateful.

Today? I am grateful for second winds. I’ve been sucking wind these past few days, unable to rev up to my usual whirlwind status, and it struck me on Sunday that I’m either writing or thinking about writing or interviewing someone to write about them or I’m teaching writing. On Sunday, I gave a speech about homelessness — not about writing at all. I don’t know if the speech was any good, but it wasn’t about writing and I was happy.

I told myself in August, as I planned a freakishly busy semester (teaching five college courses, along with a buttload of steady freelance writing work) that if I could make it to November, I’d be home free. That has not been the case. Making it to November has meant saying yes and then turning around and saying no to things I’d really like to do. Making it to November has meant a few panicked moments in which I can’t remember why I’m in a particular room, but I have my glasses so maybe I was going to read? Making it to November has meant flying to the store because I promised to bring that thing and I forgot to get that thing to bring it.

Don’t get me wrong. I love writing. I love being a whirlwind, but there’s a limit. I forgot what it’s like to step away from the keyboard and, say, take a walk. So yesterday, as it was getting dark far too early, I stepped outside and took a walk. I sat on a bench until I got good and cold, and then I walked home.

And you know what? I came back with a second wind. And for that, I am grateful.

I don’t expect you to be corny, too, but if you want to join me in this, feel free to put in the comments something for which  you feel grateful. Or feel free to call me corny. I won’t argue with you if you do.

REI is closing on Black Friday

downloadThe outdoor co-op will remain closed on Black Friday. Know of any others?

And thanks, Cynical, for the link.

A list of union-made candy to give out this Halloween

download (2)Right here.

Yay! Butterfinger’s on the list!

Want to keep Christ in Christmas?


And thanks, Sharon, for letting me steal this from you on Facebook.

Happy 4th of July!