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Why did WIBC dump Rushbo?

rush_limbaugh_cigarHe was costing them money, says Leslie Salzillo, of Daily Kos. After quoting from an Indianapolis Business Journal article that station management had contemplated giving Rushbo the heave-ho for a  year and a half, Salzillo writes:

And there it is, once again – bonafide proof the boycott against Rush Limbaugh and his sponsors is not only working, it’s remarkably effective. It’s changing the face of talk radio altogether.

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An addition to the prayer list: Mo. Rep. Rick Brattin

Rep. Brattin has submitted a bill in Jefferson City that would remove, among other things, fish and steak from the list of food people could acquire with food stamps in the Great State of Missouri.

Another bill would remove porn from the list of things welfare recipients can buy with their benefits.

The porn? Well, I’ll leave it to Jesus to decide if that’s a good use of public funds, but there’s a whole history of fish being fed to those without in the Christian scriptures. Wonder if the good Rep. Brattin has read this story?

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(And forgive the name at the lower part of that gif. It’s naughty.)

What the hell, Christians?

Andrews University in Berrian Springs, Mich., shut down a bake sale that would have benefited an organization that helps LGBT youth who are homeless. From Blue Nation Review, an email from Andrews’ dean of student life (emphasis mine):

I think the most helpful thing I can do is to draw your attention to the fundraising policy found in the Student Handbook. It simply states that funds may be raised for non-profit organizations “whose mission and practices do not conflict with those of the University.” I think the judgment in this case is that there may be a perceived conflict between the mission and practices of Andrews University and those of Fierce Chicago – certainly not in their efforts to aid homeless youth, but in their approach to the LGBT issue, at large.

I hope this will be helpful. If a way can be found to serve LGBT homeless youth through an organization that more fully reflects the University’s mission and the stance of our denomination (which clearly calls for exhibiting compassion toward LGBT persons), let’s explore that.

Maybe I’m not reading for comprehension here, but how. The hell. Does helping homeless youth conflict with the university’s mission? Regardless of orientation, how. The hell. Does this effort conflict with a Christian mission? The school is named for Seventh-Day Adventist minister John Nevins Andrews, and here is that denomination’s stance on gay/lesbian rights.

Read your Book, Andrews University.


Because you come here for all the important stuff:

When I see videos like this, I kind of hope somewhere, somehow, a bird is getting revenge by having a human perch on a branch and do unspeakable things. That makes me sound more PETA than I am, but still…

We are Joplin, and we’re better than this.

Any one know this guy?

The Islamic Society of Joplin was damaged by a suspicious fire earlier this month. It appears, from early investigations, that someone lit something and threw it on the roof.

And that someone appears to have been captured here, on a security video.

For all the good will built up around the people of Joplin — particularly after the devastating tornado in May 2011 — it only takes one dumb-ass to remind folks that there’s stupid, and then there’s dumb-ass. I am sad that the Muslims in the Joplin area have cause to suffer at the hands of a dumb-ass, and I’m sad that some dumb-ass in the land of my youth is making the rest of us look bad.

The residual effect of that ugly tornado was that people pulled together. They came from all over — expats and others — and pitched in to heal this town. This — and an earlier suspicious fire from 2008 — is something Joplin can heal its ownself. Do the right thing. Don’t let this crime go unpunished. If you know something, say something.

Sojourners, a progressive Christian group, is petitioning the Department of Justice to conduct an investigation. You can sign the petition here. CAIR, too, is asking for an investigation. There should be no need for an investigation. There should be an uprising of citizens who cough up the wrong-doer without any prodding whatsoever.

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God may forgive you, but I won’t.

Just because this is an awesome song. Thanks, Sis. Iris Dement, straight outta Paragould, Arkansas (SaLUTE!). And thanks, Cynical, for the link.

Heron cam!

And thanks, Cynical, for this. And look! Behind the scenes of Heron Cam 2012 Highlights: