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Christians rule! (Congress edition)

pf_01-03-17-faithonthehill-00-00This Washington Post article says that Congress is getting more diverse — but people who claim Christianity as their religion far outnumber any one else (at 91 percent, while just 71 percent of Americans claim Christianity as their religion).

Here’s more on the topic, from Esquire.


Happy Friday.

screenshot-2016-12-15-17-26-05There’s a sermon that goes along with this, but I’m not going to give it today.  You’re welcome. Have a wonderful weekend.

Good morning! To start your week off…

14519686_10210828835495810_194676304412947477_nThanks, Ray, for sharing this. I was hoping for even more cowbell, but…

The Lord detests lying lips

download-1Politico fact-checked Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for a week, and found during their

five-day analysis, Trump averaged about one falsehood every three minutes and 15 seconds over nearly five hours of remarks.

In raw numbers, that’s 87 erroneous statements in five days.


Clinton is no paragon of truth-telling either. Her misrepresentations, while less frequent, tend to involve the transgressions she’s made over her long career in public life — from her handling of classified information as secretary of state to her campaign’s obfuscation surrounding her health — rather than policy substance. We explore her smaller file of falsehoods here.

See Prov. 12:22.

Why are people leaving religion?

RNS-PRRI-SURVEY bLeftover sends this, a PRRI study on why people are leaving religion in the U.S. According to the study, people tend to just stop believing, usually by the age of 30.

This means the so-called Nones (people who profess no religious belief) are growing. Time to up the door-knocking, Christians!

(Just kidding.)



Editing God

13895214_1415667555110885_5865854648916475523_nAnd thanks, Cynical, for the graphic.

Do you read your Bible? It’s a good blueprint for justice.

download (2)Read this interview with Lisa Sharon Harper (pictured), “Justice is at the heart of the gospel.” Believers cannot shy away from justice. We can’t afford discomfort. We are called to act.