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Are Tea Party premises based on scriptures?



Jesus, the hippie-madman

Nathan Schneider, an adult convert to Roman Catholicism, has a beautiful essay at Killing the Buddha.

I’ve said this before, but the Jesus I met as a girl resembles very little the Jesus I met as an adult. I like adult Jesus better.

Bibles to Beck!

Serene Jones, president of the faculty at Union Theological Seminary, is sending Bibles to Glenn Beck, who is no fan of liberation theology, or Biblically-based social justice.

She’s thoughtfully marked the pertinent passages, too.

How do you define “abomination?”

Be careful, when referring to the Book of Leviticus’s use of it, says Jay Michaelson, at Religion Dispatches. “Abomination” may well be a mistranslation.

Yet another example of the problem with literalism

Sis. Kick sends this, a quote from an ancestor (mine, not hers):

There is not one verse in the Bible inhibiting slavery, but many regulating it. It is not then, we conclude, immoral.

That’s from Alexander Campbell, bless his heart, though the source called him “Rev.¬†Alexander Campbell,” which is inaccurate because c of Cers don’t use honorific titles like “Rev.” But oh-well.

I don’t usually like to commit this early in a relationship, but:

I am just now into “Bible Babel,” by Kristin Swenson.

Anyone read it yet? I’m really, really loving it. It’s clear-eyed and easy to read and absolutely dissects the fruitlessness of trying to literally interpret the Bible.

Anyway. Consider this my endorsement. Watch book sales shoot up by one, maybe two whole books.

Sir Ian McKellan explains

And thanks, Sis. Sharon, for the link.