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We all are getting screwed

10010Leftover sent this, an Economic Policy Institute report I missed last week, that looks at the wage gap between men and women. The introduction gives you an idea of what this report found:

…when compared with men, women are still paid less, are more likely to hold low-wage jobs, and are more likely to live in poverty. Gender wage disparities are present at all wage levels and within education categories, occupations, and sectors—sometimes to a grave degree.

But look at the graphic above. No worker’s pay has kept up with productivity. Women feel that the most, but the men aren’t being paid fairly, either. Since 1979, workers’ pay has not been tied to the consistent rise in productivity. So the money is going…where?

So who takes the job that no American wants?

rday600Kevin McCarthy didn’t want it. Paul Ryan insists he doesn’t either, so who does that leave for Speaker of the House?

A day laborer, or jornalero/a, of course. If no one wants to be Speaker, then such a job would generally go to a hard working immigrant, yes?

Seems fair. Check out what the Speaker makes. And here’s a particularly compelling story about day laborers, from The Nation.