It’s tax day! And what does the Bible say about paying taxes?

imagesJesus did it.

He encouraged others to do the same.

Paul reminded early Christians that God wants us that we are “subject to governing authority” and that we are to submit “as a matter of conscience,” not because we fear punishment. Hebrew Scripture tithes served as something of an income tax.

So pay up, buttercup. And what if those taxes go to something with which you heartily disagree? That is a problem (as noted here in a series of charts examining Pres. Obama’s 2015 budget from National Priorities Project), but check this out, from Robyn Claremont last year. The essay begins:

…what if Tax Day was something we could be proud of as members of a democracy.

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  1. About taxes; As I once said to a really beautiful opera diva who wanted her man to knee and pray together every night by the bedside, “give unto God what wish him to have and leave me the rest because the rest is quite in abundanza.” She didn’t appreciate my sense of humor for some reason. And I was never blessed with her remaining abundanza.

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