If you would like to talk to the President…

downloadSen. Bernie Sanders’ digital team has figured out a way to let you connect to one of Donald J. Trump’s businesses around the world. This is very cool, because at present, people report that trying to call the White House reroutes them to a website or to Facebook.

So go here, fill out the form. You’ll immediately get a recorded message that explains what’s going on. I’m still waiting for the call that will allow me to talk to one of his properties. I mean, if I can’t talk to the man himself, and he refuses to divest…

I’m sorry (in advance) to whoever answers the phone. I know people are busy, and I hate to bother working people, but how else can I let my president know I’m thinking of him?

Mexico and imports, an explainer

46645_article_fullThe president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, has canceled a visit to Washington after heated rhetoric from the American president over a border wall he wants to build, which he intends to pay for by placing a 20 percent tax on all Mexican imports.

So here’s where things get weird — according to CNN Money, 40 percent of the items we import from Mexico were made in the U.S.A. And nearly 5 million jobs depend on that trade relationship, according to The Atlantic. So, as Leftover makes clear in the comments, Mexico won’t pay for that wall. We will, in the form of increased prices on the goods made there, in the form of lost jobs, all of it.

As the CNN article says, trade works both ways. I knew that. You knew that. The American president…


Love thy neighbor

comfort-stress-relievingThe Connecticut Council for Interreligious Understanding and the office for ecumenical and interreligious affairs of the Archdiocese of Hartford are hosting a “Love Thy Neighbor and Act For All Americans at 7 p.m. on Sunday at Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford.

They keynote address will be given by Rev. Dr. Alvan N. Johnson Jr.

From the press release:

Join your neighbors of many faiths and cultures as we stand together to affirm the dignity of each and all of us. Bring a friend or family member, a neighbor or colleague !

Elizabeth at The Joy of Knitting writes:


Oh, Elizabeth. Where to begin. I’ll start.

  1. You’re hurting the franchise.
  2. Read your damn Book.
  3. You are not showing “mutual respect, love, compassion, understanding, and integrity” with this post. You are showing quite the opposite.
  4. Save your prayers. Women like me would prefer you spend time on the hungry, the homeless, and the vulnerable. We? Are not vulnerable.
  5. The women’s movement mirrors precisely what your Savior taught. Jesus was a radical, in part because he brought women to the table. Think about that a while, Liz. Chew on that for a second. What you are espousing is a false doctrine, and Baby Jesus is crying.

Give me your tired…JK

Vox reports four leaked drafts that say


According to Vox:

In all, the combined documents would represent one of the harshest crackdowns on immigrants — both those here and those who want to come here — in memory.

This is catastrophic for refugee efforts.

Now’s a good time to contact your legislators. You can do so here.

Voter fraud and you


We can argue whether Donald J. Trump actually should be president (I can argue that until the cows come home…I’ll take the negative), but a constant theme in his Tweets and in his conversations is that there is massive voter fraud, including his repetition of a much-disproven claim that “unauthorized immigrants” (the New York Times’ phrase) voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, which robbed Trump of the popular vote (by nearly 3 million).

In his long laundry list of deplorable acts, Trump has now called for an investigation into voter fraud, which multiple studies say is fairly rare — unless you count people like Trump’s senior white house adviser, that toad Steve Bannon, who is registered to vote in two states, as is Trump’s daughter, Tiffany. (Of course, what’s fraudulent is if either Trumpkin has voted in two states.)

Here’s FactCheck.org’s take on it. Trump’s own attorneys say his claims are crap.

This would be just another lie told by Trump, but when a leader suggests there’s corruption, then the lapdogs who surround this guy start the wheels rolling to make it more difficult to vote — all under the guise of cutting down on fraud — which doesn’t exist.


Swords up, ladies.

womens-march-on-versaillesRepublican legislators in five different states have introduced bills that would quell peaceful demonstrations.

Here’s an example of one from North Dakota. Motorists can run over and kill a protester blocking access — provided it was an accident. Here’s more on a bill in Minnesota.

Legislators should know this will not quiet the demonstrations. If anything, it will inflame them.