Come talk to your Muslim neighbors

z063xu8dgfc92ofg0bsy_400x400The CT Council for Interreligious Understanding(CCIU), Muslim Coalition of CT (MCCT),  and Hartford Seminary will host another in the series, “Honest Conversations with Muslim Neighbors.”

Date: 7 p.m. on Tuesday, January 31 
Place: Congregation Beth Israel
Address: 701 Farmington Ave., West Hartford


Phew, what a weekend!

screenshot-2017-01-29-09-26-37As I write this, protests have gone on and are being planned all over the country (including one scheduled by CAIR at  Bradley International Airport here in Connecticut) over an executive order signed by the Republican president on Friday night. (This is an old hat trick used by despots everywhere — do  your dirty work when newsrooms already decimated by corporate ownership are even more sparsely inhabited.)

The order banned immigrants from seven countries, none of which have any business ties with the Republican president. Here are some of the countries with whom the Republican president does have business ties — and studies show, says the New York Daily News:

…that nearly 3,000 Americans were killed by citizens from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt in the same time period — with the bulk of those killed being victims of the 9/11 attacks. Yet, people from those three countries are still welcome to apply for U.S. visas and travel permits.

Even more interestingly, people from the seven countries — Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen — according to the Cato Institute — yes, the conservative Cato Institute:

…have killed zero Americans in terrorist attacks on U.S. soil between 1975 and the end of 2015. 

Late on Saturday, federal Judge Ann M. Donnelly issued a temporary stay. And so the fight begins. ‘Murica!

Oh, and because this is a snarky blog masquerading as a religion blog, here’s your scriptural reference:

America first. The Netherlands, second?

And thanks, Leftover, for sharing this. I guess the rest of the world sees our new president precisely for what he is.

Yeah, well…

screenshot-2017-01-26-20-32-33I think it’s been a tough week and I think we all need to step back a little and throw ourselves into the weekend with the same vigor of this little girl.

Onward. See you Monday.

If you would like to talk to the President…

downloadSen. Bernie Sanders’ digital team has figured out a way to let you connect to one of Donald J. Trump’s businesses around the world. This is very cool, because at present, people report that trying to call the White House reroutes them to a website or to Facebook.

So go here, fill out the form. You’ll immediately get a recorded message that explains what’s going on. I’m still waiting for the call that will allow me to talk to one of his properties. I mean, if I can’t talk to the man himself, and he refuses to divest…

I’m sorry (in advance) to whoever answers the phone. I know people are busy, and I hate to bother working people, but how else can I let my president know I’m thinking of him?

Mexico and imports, an explainer

46645_article_fullThe president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, has canceled a visit to Washington after heated rhetoric from the American president over a border wall he wants to build, which he intends to pay for by placing a 20 percent tax on all Mexican imports.

So here’s where things get weird — according to CNN Money, 40 percent of the items we import from Mexico were made in the U.S.A. And nearly 5 million jobs depend on that trade relationship, according to The Atlantic. So, as Leftover makes clear in the comments, Mexico won’t pay for that wall. We will, in the form of increased prices on the goods made there, in the form of lost jobs, all of it.

As the CNN article says, trade works both ways. I knew that. You knew that. The American president…


Love thy neighbor

comfort-stress-relievingThe Connecticut Council for Interreligious Understanding and the office for ecumenical and interreligious affairs of the Archdiocese of Hartford are hosting a “Love Thy Neighbor and Act For All Americans at 7 p.m. on Sunday at Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford.

They keynote address will be given by Rev. Dr. Alvan N. Johnson Jr.

From the press release:

Join your neighbors of many faiths and cultures as we stand together to affirm the dignity of each and all of us. Bring a friend or family member, a neighbor or colleague !