The effect of having an abortion

The JAMANetwork just published a study that looks at the mental health of women five years after either having or being denied an abortion. The study found that… …compared with having an abortion, being denied an abortion may be associated with greater risk of initially experiencing adverse psychological outcomes. Psychological well-being improved over time so […]

If abortion is legal…

…and it is, then it is legal and should be accessible to all. The Hyde Amendment discriminates against women living in poverty, and doesn’t pay for a legal medical procedure. Is there any other procedure so banned? No. I wrote this for Connecticut Health Investigative Team.

A personal abortion story

Jac sent this, an essay by someone who had an abortion. The essay is published anonymously. It includes this: It doesn’t matter to me what your religion is or what your personal values are. If you do not believe in abortion, don’t get one. Make sure your sex life reflects your values, too. But your […]

The pope met Kim Davis. Big whup.

Though the world at large is just finding out, during his pop-the-balloons and hug-the-babies visit to the U.S. last week, Pope Francis met Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who’s adamant about not doing her job because God appointed her judge and stuff, in private, at the Vatican Embassy. The embassy is also known as the The Apostolic […]

Anti-abortion activists are using public record laws to pry into private medical records

Well, this is new, from ProPublica. From that link: Abortion opponents insist their tactics are generally not aimed at identifying women who have abortions but to uncover incidents involving patients who may have been harmed by poor care or underage girls who may have been sexually abused. They say they are trying to prevent situations […]

Evangelicals (my people!) are late-comers to the anti-abortion fight

As I’ve repeated over and over again, I grew up in a conservative fundamentalist church. We were considered evangelicals, and never — not once — did the topic of abortion come up in my church — not in sermons (I went to three a week), not in Sunday school, not even in those embarrassing youth […]

Those “pregnancy crisis centers?” Are bogus.

Those so-called pregnancy crisis centers — which purport to offer medical care/advice to pregnant women — are scams, yet incidences of abortion are down nationwide. Is that because of those scams? Or increasingly restrictive abortion laws? Nope.  Just look at liberal Connecticut. We had one of the largest reductions (30 percent) in abortion in the […]

Here’s a peek into Josh Duggar’s old employer, Family Research Council:

This is their website (and here is the resignation letter of the child molester who used to work for them, which decries that media reports of his past behavior might besmirch the FRC — not his behavior but media reports, the insufferable little tool). In between trying to gin up terror over pretend persecution of […]