Some North Carolina teachers were arrested

They’d walked 20 miles to talk to N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory, who was indisposed. Fourteen of them were arrested when they blocked traffic. Read the comments from the teachers and parents, and why they walked. They’re damn inspiring. Here’s more on the organizing group, Organize 2020.

“There doesn’t have to be bloodshed…”

One of the anti-government protesters is dead and eight others were arrested in the Oregon wildlife refuge stand-off that was into its third week. This has stopped being about doofy dudes whom people were sending sex toys to. Dave Ward, a sheriff there, says there doesn’t have to be more bloodshed. Lord, I hope not, but Cynical …

When I grow up, I want to have class, like these Muslims

Check out how some Houston Muslims responded to haters, after their mosque was burned under suspicious circumstances. A suspect has been arrested. Want to fight fire with hope? Here’s a fundraising campaign to help them rebuild.