They’re burning churches in St. Louis

Arson is suspected in six church fires in the St. Louis area. Prayers are well and good, but what’s needed is some really good detective work, and some people who know who did this to come forward. A 2012 arson at a mosque in my home state was committed by this guy, who confessed. He also …

Cut that shit out

A Wednesday night fire at a Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles has been ruled arson. This after Planned Parenthood’s executive director testified in Washington earlier this week. Here are four things Cecile Richards admitted under oath, according to The Hill. But arson? C’mon…The damage was minimal, but c’mon.

Day 5 of the Hillbilly Watch

Still waiting for a hillbilly to do the right thing out in Joplin. And here’s Salon’s Glenn Greenwald’s take on things. And — again — if you want to help, here’s another venue to aid the Joplin Muslims. Looks like things are going well in that effort. Go, hillbillies!

Day Two of Hillbilly Watch

Yesterday, it appears that some yahoo burned down the Islamic Society of Joplin’s mosque. I wrote this for Salon (yes, I’m linking to it again, but I have a point, I promise), and I couldn’t be more certain that if this was arson, someone out in HillbillyLand knows something about this, and that someone needs …

We are Joplin, and we’re better than this.

Any one know this guy? The Islamic Society of Joplin was damaged by a suspicious fire earlier this month. It appears, from early investigations, that someone lit something and threw it on the roof. And that someone appears to have been captured here, on a security video. For all the good will built up around …