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Christians rule! (Congress edition)

pf_01-03-17-faithonthehill-00-00This Washington Post article says that Congress is getting more diverse — but people who claim Christianity as their religion far outnumber any one else (at 91 percent, while just 71 percent of Americans claim Christianity as their religion).

Here’s more on the topic, from Esquire.


I wish I’d written this, Part CCXX

fundamentalist-bible-david-haywardSally sends this: “The dark rigidity of fundamentalist rural America: a view from the inside.” I think it’s an interesting take on the Elites Don’t Get White Pain,” or some such thing.

Here’s a tough part:

At some point during the discussion, “That’s your education talking,” will be said, derogatorily, as a general dismissal of everything I said. They truly believe this is a legitimate response because to them education is not to be trusted. Education is the enemy of fundamentalism because fundamentalism, by its very nature, is not built on facts. The fundamentalists I grew up around aren’t anti-education. They want their kids to know how to read and write. They are anti-quality, in-depth, broad, specialized education. Learning is only valued up to the certain point.

Phew. That hurts. But how far off is it? My brand of fundamentalism taught me to question everything, and that sometimes meant deep, in-depth questioning. But I get the point.

Should Christian parents allow their children to participate in Halloween?

Not to worry. Bat Woman has your back.

Not to worry. Bat Woman has your back.

This Christian mother suggests no, that there’s an “evil” side of the holiday.

Maybe that’s why we celebrated with such gusto when I was a kid, and why it remains my favorite holiday ever. Halloween is one day when you get to peek into the unknown shadows. We were so very good the rest of the year that that one day acted as a bit of a valve (at least, it did for me), and when I walked the chilly streets under the streetlights dressed as a witch, a hobo, or a ghost, the possibilities were endless.

Yes, I’m familiar with its roots, but then, I’m also familiar with Christmas’s roots, as well. So if you’re going to shutter your windows and hide in the basement, I’ll be making one more run to CVS to prepare for the goblins. This year, as every year, I’ll be an undead. See you in the crypt.

Christian women revolt against pro-Trump pastors

dada322743b2e22944df2e628829b11aTrump has not offered true repentance.”

Bless you, my sisters. And thanks, Cynical, for sending this.

It never hurts to remind yourself…

louie_gohmert_ap_605…there there are some truly disturbed people who call themselves Christian.

Louis Gohmert? We are praying for you.

Is Donald Trump a Christian?

The presumptive Republican candidate for President has said he is a Presbyterian, and that the Bible is his favorite book (though from the video above, he has a weird way of showing it, by pronouncing the source of a verse as “Two Corinthians,” when any half-assed Biblical scholar knows it’s pronounced “Second Corinthians.”)(She said.)

But his closed-door-closed-mind suggestions about how to live (or not) with people who aren’t like him, and his overtly rude comments about women make his claim unusual, if not suspect. Regarding compassion for the poor, the Best the Republicans Have to Offer(® is about the farthest thing from Jesus you could find. So for evangelicals to get on the Fake Tan Train is weird. Then too, this piece from Christianity Today challenges the narrative that evangelicals love Trump. Well, they may love Trump as they are instructed to love everyone, but they don’t plan to vote for the guy.

Of course, Candidate Drumpt may not realize precisely what means “born-again.” Here. Let Benjamin J. Corey explain, as Patheos (and thanks, Charles, for the link.

Peter Wehner has more. He said it better in the New York Times. And thanks, Jac, for the link.

WHOLE lotta whiteness going on…

bland-and-white-crowd-men-old-photography-Favim.com-356850The 114th is “diverse,” if “diverse” means 80 percent white and 80 percent male and (it must be said) 92 percent Christian.

Here. Read this, at The Daily Beast.