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Does one “come out” as a Christian?

6a00e5508a201c88340147e3279355970bRecently, Ana Marie Cox, fonding editor of Wonkette, wrote an essay that announced she’s a Christian (she framed it as “coming out”). It created quite a stir (here, here, and here.

Why the big deal? I honestly don’t know.

When someone says “I’ll pray for you….”

index…and you’re not a believer, here are some appropriate responses from Peter Mosley at Patheos.

This comes from an earlier conversation I had with Dan Blinn, lawyer, humanist, and a hell of a good guy. My reaction to someone who says “I’ll pray for you” is to respond “And I shall pray for you,” and then I make a big show of getting their name so that I can pray for them personally. This is a completely non-Christian up-yours response that I should probably work on but don’t.

Dan’s suggestions — via this article —  are better.

Obama is a Christian. Get over it.

Despite the lingering discussions about Pres. Obama’s religion, let’s all reflect back at former Sec. of State Colin Powell’s answer.

Bro. Scott Walker? Buy a vowel, my friend.

The Duggars are having another baby

And baby makes 20.

By all indications, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar — father and mother of the tribe — are not just a popular unscripted television show. They’re part of the conservative Christian Quiverfull movement. You can read more about it here. It is mostly an American movement.