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Seen on a Boston T car:

FullSizeRenderWe were coming back from a Red Sox game and I saw this pink Post-it note and of course had to go over and read it. For years, I’ve made it a habit to read publicly-posted notes, because what if they are actually meant for me? On a New Year’s Day hike 100 years ago, I came across a piece of paper stuck onto a branch that said something like, “For lack of honesty, all was lost.” I thought that was so pithy I stuck it in my pocket and carried it around in my wallet for years. I’d just broken up with a boyfriend and it seems fitting.

This Post-it is a puzzler. I thought to apply it to the House sit-in, but how did the person leaving the note know that was going to happen? Maybe the note’s meant for you, not me. If so, you’re welcome.


We’re more focused on preventive medical care. Thanks, Obama!

preventivecaredigitalhealthI wrote this for Connecticut Health Investigative Team. You can join the team for a panel discussion about preventive care on Oct. 7. More details are here.

Go out and buy “Chaos & the Kingdom”

OpenForum_Eliminate_ChaosA friend of mine, Michael T. Bush, co-wrote (with Nathanael Vissia) “Chaos & the Kingdom,” a book designed for small group discussions, but I read it on my own and got quite a bit out of it.

The book explores six Biblical stories — among them the flood, and Jesus’ walking on water — through the prism of exploring the good news of the Bible, which is, by Bush and Vissia’s telling, the idea that we can create heaven right here, that we can create kingdom in the chaos.

I found the book thought-provoking, yet easy to read at the same time, if that makes sense. I can cheerfully and freely tell you it’s well worth your time.