Phew, what a weekend!

As I write this, protests have gone on and are being planned all over the country (including one scheduled by CAIR at  Bradley International Airport here in Connecticut) over an executive order signed by the Republican president on Friday night. (This is an old hat trick used by despots everywhere — do  your dirty work […]

About those Olympic beach volleyball uniforms…

…really? I mean: Really? In this case, it’s “Go, Egypt,” where the players play covered up (in the photo above, whilst playing the bikini-clad German team, the latter of which won). I say this as an athlete who came of age in the ’70s, when my high school sports uniform included a pair of shorts that were little […]

In last weeks’ reading of the Hebrew scriptures:

I started this as a comment to something Leftover said, but here goes, anyway: (As a reminder, I, the fundamentalist with Mad Bible Skills, have started re-reading the Bible, from Gen. 1, using a guide I loaded onto my phone. Obviously, people read the Bible and find different things. Here’s what I found last week:) A man named […]

Sorry, Dr. Carson. No pyramids in Joseph’s story.

Front-running Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has floated a theory that the pyramids of Egypt were built by Joseph, then known as Zaphenath-Paneah (though different Bible versions spell that different ways). Joseph had been sold into slavery by his brothers, only to rise in the Pharaoh’s kingdom by a mix of grace and a freakish […]

What does it mean to have an Islamist as head of Egypt?

The Muslim Brotherhood‘s Mohamed Morsi was named the president of Egypt on Sunday. When his name was announced, Tahrir Square — site of so many democratic demonstrations — went wild. Egyptians were concerned that the military would not recognize a democratically-elected president. Morsi, who was educated in part in the U.S., is the first modern-day […]