We just had a depressing year in religion news

From Religion News Service, here’s a rundown of some really crappy stuff that happened in the religion world, including: Trumpvangelicals And what precisely means “evangelicals?” Religious bigotry on campus And a few other ugly things.    

Oh, the places we did go!

Thank you for your patience as we ducked away to Newport, RI, for a few days. I hope you had a wonderful break. Now let’s settle in: Do you ever wonder why evangelicals are losing an entire generation? I mean, as a particular breed of evangelical, I can give you a long list of why […]

Is Donald Trump a Christian?

The¬†presumptive Republican candidate for President has said he is a Presbyterian, and that the Bible is his favorite book¬†(though from the video above, he has a weird way of showing it, by pronouncing the source of a verse as “Two Corinthians,” when any half-assed Biblical scholar knows it’s pronounced “Second Corinthians.”)(She said.) But his closed-door-closed-mind […]

Dear evangelical friends who love Donald Trump:

From Bruce Wydick: I also am white, identify as an evangelical Christian, but do not share your support for Mr. Trump. And the purpose of my writing this is to try to persuade you that, even in your disillusionment with the status quo, even in a world troubled with terrorism and economic turmoil that may […]

Evangelicals (my people!) are late-comers to the anti-abortion fight

As I’ve repeated over and over again, I grew up in a conservative fundamentalist church. We were considered evangelicals, and never — not once — did the topic of abortion come up in my church — not in sermons (I went to three a week), not in Sunday school, not even in those embarrassing youth […]

Evangelicals? The gay is not your enemy.

For years — decades, even — my fellow evangelicals and fundamentalists have thrown their weight against same-sex marriage. (Well, not all of them did that. But enough of them did that it was kind of embarrassing to the rest of us.) And now marriage equality is the law of the land, and even though some […]

The Protestants have lost the soul of America

Leftover sends this (we share a love of this kind of stuff) from PRRI, “10 Things the American Values Atlas Teaches Us About America’s Religious Landscape.” Mostly? For our purposes, there’s this: 1. For the first time ever, America is not a majority Protestant nation. Only 47 percent of America identified as Protestant in 2014. […]