Dear Christian,

You don’t know me, and I won’t pretend to know you, but we are at a critical juncture in our country and in our respective faiths and it’s important that we act and act quickly. On Friday, the Republican president signed an ethically, legally, and morally questionable executive order that restricted immigration from seven nations — none […]

Phew, what a weekend!

As I write this, protests have gone on and are being planned all over the country (including one scheduled by CAIR at  Bradley International Airport here in Connecticut) over an executive order signed by the Republican president on Friday night. (This is an old hat trick used by despots everywhere — do  your dirty work […]

So this porn site took matters in hand…

…as it were. So a porn sight (see above) decided to block the entire state of North Carolina after that state passed one of those obnoxiously illegal laws that — well, just read this. It’s too depressing to synopsize. From the porn site: We are appalled by the recent events that have transpired in North Carolina. We have […]

Gov. Sam Brownback is a tool

And here is his latest work, an executive order sure to allow more discrimination in the Sunflower State. It includes this: General protection of the free exercise of religious beliefs and moral convictions     The State Government is prohibited from taking any action inconsistent with the restrictions placed upon the State Government by the […]

Bobby Jindal shows his stripes

Earlier this month, Gov. Jindal’s Executive Order BJ 15-8 essentially cleared the path to discriminate against the LGBTQ crowd, just ‘cos. This order seeks to accomplish what an earlier Louisiana state bill addressing so-called “religious freedom” tried to do, but it was rejected by the state legislators. Read what the National Organization for Women says […]