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Saw this on Facebook. Leaving it here.


So imagine: Daily acts of resistance, to add to your daily acts of kindness. I like this idea. I like it a lot.


So what will we do on Nov. 9?

truthIt strikes me — and I’m as guilty as the day is long — that it’s going to be an interesting day, Nov. 9, no matter who wins (I know who I’m voting for). Those of us (did I mention I’m guilty as the day is long?) who’ve been in the trenches indulging in slap fights with people who didn’t vote as we did are now going to have to crawl back up on land, look our neighbor in the eye and say, “Wassup?”

Wassup is that all the nasty stuff we’ve said to one another just may stick. This morning I awoke to a tweet from a man I’ve never met who sent a lingering video of his automatic, and proposing that if I come for him, he will  put me out of my misery.” I don’t know the guy. I reported it, though the Twitter Gods feel that doesn’t rise to the level of threat. But yeeeeesh!

I worry about that, even as I once again wade in on Twitter and show my mad snark skillz along with my widening behind.

So my JRNL 3351 class, a journalism research class, will spend the semester vetting tweets and videos and various other propositions made in public. We’ll record our findings, a kind of collegiate PolitiFact, on a blog we’re building. I’ll let you know when it’s live. I encouraged the students today, on the first day of class, to vet any tweet/Facebook post/television/radio appearance they chose, and I told them it would be OK if they vetted me. It would serve me right. And then I took it back. I’m not quite done being hateful.

Trump or Jesus?

840629969_122163c283Take this quiz to see if you know who said what.

(It’s not a hard quiz.) (And thanks, Sara, for letting me steal this from you on Facebook.)


Just a reminder for those on Facebook


Four minutes experiment

Thank you, Jac, for letting me steal this off of you on Facebook.

I have watched this multiple times, and I just keep crying.

Is Facebook a liberal tool?

News-guySome people seem to think so. Gizmodo ran a piece yesterday that quoted former Facebook employees who said they’d been instructed to give preference to progressive news — and deep six conservative news.

This is in stark contrast to Facebook’s claims that their content is created strictly by algorithms. Facebook has denied the claim.

And thanks, Leftover, for the link.