So how long was Sec. Clinton in front of the Benghazi committee?

So there was shouting at yesterday’s Benghazi hearing with former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. Four Americans died in the attack, and that is a damn shame. But, well, have you been keeping up with the Iraq body count? And will someone sit in front of a panel for that?  

Cut that shit out

A Wednesday night fire at a Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles has been ruled arson. This after Planned Parenthood’s executive director testified in Washington earlier this week. Here are four things Cecile Richards admitted under oath, according to The Hill. But arson? C’mon…The damage was minimal, but c’mon.

Why can’t this gas pipeline get a little attention?

At a hearing last night in Glastonbury, Conn., residents voiced their concern that an expanded gas pipeline planned through the state would have a far-reaching and dangerous impact on the state’s environment. You can read more about the Atlantic Bridge Project from the company responsible for it — Spectra Energy — here. You can read …