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Dear Christian,

screenshot-2017-01-29-13-12-06You don’t know me, and I won’t pretend to know you, but we are at a critical juncture in our country and in our respective faiths and it’s important that we act and act quickly.

On Friday, the Republican president signed an ethically, legally, and morally questionable executive order that restricted immigration from seven nations — none of which have given birth to terrorists who have killed Americans, and you can read that in no less a source than The Daily Caller, which may be the only time I ever link to that woe-begotten publication.

The worldwide reaction has been predictably to the negative, and we, as believers, can do no less than to work our hardest against this man. If you voted for this man, you can no longer shrug that you voted for a racist. If you continue to support him, you are a racist, yourself, and racism has precisely no place in your Book. No amount of tweaking will change this — particularly when Pres. Bannon just last night fired the acting attorney general who refused to enforce his benighted ban.

WWJD? Stand up. Fight back. Swords up.


Phew, what a weekend!

screenshot-2017-01-29-09-26-37As I write this, protests have gone on and are being planned all over the country (including one scheduled by CAIR at  Bradley International Airport here in Connecticut) over an executive order signed by the Republican president on Friday night. (This is an old hat trick used by despots everywhere — do  your dirty work when newsrooms already decimated by corporate ownership are even more sparsely inhabited.)

The order banned immigrants from seven countries, none of which have any business ties with the Republican president. Here are some of the countries with whom the Republican president does have business ties — and studies show, says the New York Daily News:

…that nearly 3,000 Americans were killed by citizens from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt in the same time period — with the bulk of those killed being victims of the 9/11 attacks. Yet, people from those three countries are still welcome to apply for U.S. visas and travel permits.

Even more interestingly, people from the seven countries — Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen — according to the Cato Institute — yes, the conservative Cato Institute:

…have killed zero Americans in terrorist attacks on U.S. soil between 1975 and the end of 2015. 

Late on Saturday, federal Judge Ann M. Donnelly issued a temporary stay. And so the fight begins. ‘Murica!

Oh, and because this is a snarky blog masquerading as a religion blog, here’s your scriptural reference:

Succinctly, baby Jesus is crying

screenshot-2017-01-25-22-37-00Tuesday was a bad day for the environment.

Wednesday was a bad day for immigrants.

And today? Trump’s in Philly, at a GOP retreat. Might that take his attention from destroying the planet and ruining people’s lives?

On the day after the election:

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-2-54-03-pmGo here to tell the next president how you really feel.

So you listened to the Republican candidate’s speech last night on immigration?

I did, though I hadn’t necessarily intended to. We rode our bikes to the beach to listen to — get this! — The Fixx, a favorite band from years ago that’s still going strong.

So riding back in the dark, I thought “This is really all kinds of awesome,” sat down at my computer, and of course turned it on to watch Donald Trump rattle and ramble about us v. them, which is, I believe, the Twitter version of his foreign policy. (In the next room, my life-partner had The Fixx cranked. He said nothing, but he was right: My cranking up Trump did seem a weird coda to a perfect evening.)

The speech was pretty much more of the same, including a weird portion where the candidate, who’d earlier that day met with President Enrique Peña Nieto, went off on this tear where he insisted his mythical wall will be built, and paid for by Mexico. He also hit all his other points, and cracked a joke about deporting Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Peña Nieto had invited both major party candidates (Clinton has not yet accepted his invitation). And Peña Nieto insists that no, his country is not paying for a wall. So you have Trump saying yes, believe him, they’ll pay, and Peña Nieto saying no. Whom to believe?

As Trump counted down the Ways That People Want To Hurt Us, I’m pretty sure Joseph Goebbels rolled over in hell, and wanted his speech back. It was truly, truly awful and while I try to look for commonality with the people who were screaming “USA! USA!” at every turn, I’m not sure I can.


So this is my first foray into academic-type panels

Language and FramingWish me luck?

Negin Fasad on immigration

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