So there’s the gender pay gap and then there’s the other nonsense

Not only do women make less than men all the way up the pay scale, but female executives tend to be financially penalized more when the market or the company takes a dip. From Liberty Street Economics: Compensation of female executives is more exposed to declines in firm value and less exposed to increases in …

About that whole equality thing:

60 Minutes and Vanity Fair conducted a poll to see how Americans really feel about equality, and this is what they found: I know. Damn near unreadable, so go here if you’re interested. Oddly, 33 percent of Americans say houses of worship make people feel the most equal. As far as churches go, one researcher …

Don’t blame the poor for our crappy economy

From the Economic Policy Institute: Since 1979, increasing inequality has been the largest poverty-boosting factor, outweighing racial identity and family structure and completely eclipsing the effects of overall economic growth and educational attainment in driving down the poverty rate. You can see charts and such here.

You say “poverty,” I say “po-TAH-to.”

Leftover sends this, a powerful, concise essay by Peter Marcuse on what language we should use to describe wealth/income inequality/poverty/war on. From the essay: In fact, the way the rich obtain their wealth is what generates poverty. Here are a few specific mechanisms by which this happens: Exploitation at the work place. Keeping the pay …

Is this any way to advertise a council on women?

The Pontifical Council for Culture is hosting a four-day meeting to explore women and inequality and such, and the image below was what they used to advertise the event. As you might imagine, several folks cried foul. The photo appears to have been replaced with something more…clothed. And thanks, Sharon for the link.