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Thank you, everyone.

BreishaSo this story was posted yesterday around noon, and immediately, the emails and texts came in.

Two lawyers called. Three real estate agents called.  Various and sundry people called with household goods. Someone called to arrange a play date.

So again, I come away amazed at how much people want to help, provided they know who needs help. This is why I could never be a cynic, though journalists do have that reputation. No matter the disaster,┬áthe casserole brigade stands ready. Bless ’em.


Watch this. And cry.

Holy cow, but this is moving.

Should we be suspicious of a new Harper Lee novel?

Jezebel says yes, that this novel comes to light a suspicious three months after the reclusive author’s sister(who was also her lawyer) died.

Harper Lee’s immenselyawesome “To Kill a Mockingbird” is set 20 years prior to this new novel, “Go Set a Watchman.”

But, as Slate says: A new Harper Lee novel!