Just a bit more on Bro. Trump and 2 Corinthians

Leftover sends this, a thoughtful essay about Donald Trump’s pretending to know his Bible at a speech at Liberty University recently. (That’s Donald, seen with one of the Duck guys — Donald, who said this weekend he could shoot someone and still retain his backers. Liberty!) Written by Gary Leupp, a self-described non-believer, the (long-but-worth-it) essay …

Donald Trump doesn’t know his Bible

“Protect Christianity?” From what? From people who don’t know to say “Second Corinthians,” as opposed to “Two Corinthians.” To which I say “Two Peter 2;16.” The verse has (in the King James version, anyway) the phrase “dumb ass” in it. Glory! And thanks, Sherry, for the head’s up.

What Bible verses Bernie Sanders quoted to Liberty University students recently

Independent presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was Daniel in the lions’ den at Liberty University, where the student body tends to bleed conservative red. But he quoted the Bible (and in proper context!), and received nary a chew from the lions. He quoted from Amos, and Matthew. That’s his full speech up there.