Swords up, ladies.

Republican legislators in five different states have introduced bills that would quell peaceful demonstrations. Here’s an example of one from North Dakota. Motorists can run over and kill a protester blocking access — provided it was an accident. Here’s moreĀ on a bill in Minnesota. Legislators should know this will not quiet the demonstrations. If anything, […]

See how pretty is your county…

…but see how pretty is your country based on criteria from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Leftover sent this, and maybe you notice that Minnesota and North Dakota share some truly (government-labeled) ugly spots. The criteria included the amount of winter sun, summer humidity, and topographic variation, among three other elements. A deeper dive from […]

Turnabout is fair play

A North Dakota coffee shop has banned anti-gay lawmakers. And then, because satire is sometimes too subtle for some, the shop owner posted this on Facebook: “The Red Raven Espresso Parlor wants to clarify that all are welcome in our space. We do not attempt to discriminate,” he wrote. “The intent of our ‘ban’ was […]