Just because it’s awesome

U.S. Olympic runner Ajee’ Wilson finished in second place in her 800-meter semifinal race, and then waited to greet the last-place finisher, Houleye Ba of Mauritania, as she crossed the finish line. I don’t know. There are a lot of Moments at this Olympics, and for me, this is one of those.

An Olympic swimmer from China mentioned her menstrual period

And she quickly became an internet sensation. Already a crowd favorite, Fu Yuanhui mentioned getting her period on a day when she competed in the Olympics’ 4x100m medley relay, and the world went wild because who knew that women had menstrual periods that might come along at inopportune times? Well, all of us knew that but few […]

Leave Gabrielle Douglas alone

For no good reason, the social media — particularly the jackals in Twitterverse — turned on gymnastics great Gabrielle Douglas, to the point that when she was finished competing, she gave a tearful interview over her haters. What is there to hate? Douglas has done the Olympics team proud and any one who wants to […]

About those Olympic beach volleyball uniforms…

…really? I mean: Really? In this case, it’s “Go, Egypt,” where the players play covered up (in the photo above, whilst playing the bikini-clad German team, the latter of which won). I say this as an athlete who came of age in the ’70s, when my high school sports uniform included a pair of shorts that were little […]

Leave Gabby’s hair alone

For all kinds of reasons I don’t understand, the Interwebs have been burning up over Olympic darling Gabby Douglas’s hair. (Go to Google, type in “Gabby Douglas,” and the Google Gods helpfully add “hair” to the end of that. Sad to know even the Google Gods objectify.) If you’ve been watching the Olympics — and […]

It is hypocrisy? Or is it corporations trying to do good?

Alyssa Figeueroa has a list of Top Five Most Hypocritical Corporate Sponsors (like foreclosure giant Wells Fargo sponsoring Habitat for Humanity, or bad food giant McDonald’s sponsoring the Olympics). Not to get all judge-y or anything (ha), but I do cringe when I see McDonald’s at the Olympics. How many of those world-class athletes eat […]

If all Olympic photos were like women’s beach volleyball photos:

They would look like this. I played volleyball — a lot — and I don’t understand why the uniforms are such a focus. Yes, they’re scanty (I don’t understand that, either), but Olympic male swimmers wear Speedos, after all, and you generally don’t see their body parts singled out and photographed separately by the press.