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Politicians poisoned the water in (mostly black and poor) Detroit

B9318035830Z.1_20150710085857_000_G0BBAEEPA.1-0The toxic drinking water in Flint, Mich., is a result of a series of stupid decisions on the part of political leaders and others.

This Ebony piece compares the situation to the fumbling and worse after Katrina. Bankole Thompson writes about water so nasty¬†General Motors wouldn’t even use on their car parts:

For 18 months, residents complained that the water from the Flint River looked, smelled and tasted funny. They warned that the water was making them sick and some were already developing skin rashes. The state did not respond to their cries. Instead, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality gave false assurances that the water was safe and denied that there were high levels of lead. Local health officials also conducted their own research only to confirm the suspicions of residents that the water was unfit to use. Even General Motors refused to use the water for its vehicle parts because it was damaging their machines.


Amen (and thanks, Sharon)


Don’t blame the poor for our crappy economy

rfFrom the Economic Policy Institute:

Since 1979, increasing inequality has been the largest poverty-boosting factor, outweighing racial identity and family structure and completely eclipsing the effects of overall economic growth and educational attainment in driving down the poverty rate.

You can see charts and such here.

Rep. Issa: Our poor are “the envy of the world”

Darrell Issa (R-California) is the richest congressman in Washington, with a net worth of nearly $500 million. You can find out more about Rep. Issa here, at OpenSecrets.org.

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A new budget plan, by Jesus:

So…Paul Ryan…

Over the weekend, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney chose Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate — or he named him president, whatever.

When Ryan introduced his “Path to Prosperity” budget plan earlier this year, the world stopped, gawked, and then pulled out its knives and forks for its ill treatment of the poor, the infirmed, the elderly.

Ryan, a devout Catholic, could not get his bishops on board. Even his running mate is distancing himself from Ryan’s plan.

Here. See for yourself: pathtoprosperity2013