Did you know this?

The Department of Justice has launched a campaign against anti-Muslim/Sikh/South Asian/Arab sentiment since the recent terrorist attacks. Here’s more on the initiative. Discussions are going on throughout the country, including here, in Connecticut, where we’ve had our problems with this kind of thing. And thanks, Leftover, for the link.

This just broke my heart

We went to the Sikh (pronounced “sick“) candlelight vigil on Friday in Southington, Conn., and it was moving and hard and sad and beautiful, all at once. There was much talk about Sikh teachings of peace, and love for one another. One young man who came to the vigil holds a Sikh Awareness Day every …

Candlelight vigil for the Sikhs

This, from the¬†Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar¬† in Southington, Conn.: Please join us and show your support for the victims of the mass shooting at the Wisconsin Gurdwara. The vigil will start at 7:30 pm. Friday (Aug. 10). The address of the gurdwara is 1610 West Street, Southington, Conn. Please invite your friends and family and …

Prayers for the Sikhs, and prayers for the rest of us, too.

On Sunday, a gunman went into a Wisconsin Sikh temple and shot and killed six Sikhs before he was shot and killed, himself, by a police officer arriving at the scene. One of the quotes from a family member was that when he heard of the death of his loved one, “the heart just sat …

Religion should not fear technology

So says Lisa Miller at Washington Post’s Belief Watch. Miller, who recently stumbled across a Sikh smart phone app called FlyRight writes: Technology can greatly enhance religious practice. Groups that restrict and fear it participate in their own demise. And thanks, Sharon, for the link.