I hereby offer myself as Donald J. Trump’s spiritual adviser…

…as I don’t think Franklin Graham is up to the task. News has broken that Russia has “compromising” information on the president-elect that may involve “perverted sexual acts” including having Russian prostitutes perform “golden shower shows” for him on a bed once slept in by the Obamas. If you have not heard of “golden showers,” […]

“How can you possibly call yourself a Christian?”

That was an email sent to me by someone I’ve never met in real life, but have corresponded with via social media. Now, I have a whole host of answers ready (I Pet. 3:15, and you can look it up) when I think someone is seeking to judge my level of commitment, but I’m not […]

Check out what veterans did when Trump scared little Muslim kids

Words matter. A Muslim woman came home to find out 8-year old daughter in tears over the words spoken by Whatzisname, America’s Best-Known Racist®. The mother wrote about  the experience on Facebook, and was soon swamped by responses from veterans on social media — starting with the post on the right. From there, the floodgates […]

On being grateful…

…It’s hard to think about being grateful after the Paris attacks. I’ve been pretty much glued to the computer reading updates. The news just keeps getting worse. But I’ve also been on social media, and there is grace there, which is kind of a surprising thing to say considering how completely trivial so much social […]

So I have a new job

And I took this photo at the first of my two orientations for it, yesterday. I am the a new Distinguished [stop giggling, dammit] Lecturer at the University of New Haven‘s Department of Communication, Film and Media Studies. I’ll be teaching writing and communication, in addition to a writing for the electronic media course at […]

Meanwhile, in Florida, which is now celebrating marriage equality:

The Archdiocese of Miami issued a letter warning its employees to remember that Catholic Jesus is watching and…well, let’s quote the letter, which quotes the employee handbook that: “certain conduct, inconsistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church, could lead to disciplinary action, including termination, even if occurs outside the the normal working day.” It […]

And you? Are an insufferable twit.

Sorry. Just trying out my new, uncivil persona. I had a moment driving home from the grocery store today. A small school bus was pulled onto the sidewalk, with its stop sign out and its red lights flashing, and there was a line of cars forming on either side. A woman in jeans was herding […]