Phew, what a weekend!

As I write this, protests have gone on and are being planned all over the country (including one scheduled by CAIR at  Bradley International Airport here in Connecticut) over an executive order signed by the Republican president on Friday night. (This is an old hat trick used by despots everywhere — do  your dirty work […]

Dear Syrian refugees: Come to CT.

The New York Times carried a story today about a Syrian family whose members waited three years to be accepted into the U.S. The story includes the work of Chris George, and his wonderful Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services in New Haven, which has done incredible work getting new Americans settled. The family, whose members waited in […]

Would wading into Syria be considered a just war?

While the situation deteriorates in Syria, Gerard Powers asks at Huffington Post if it’s time for the U.S. to get involved militarily. It might sound tempting, but Powers writes: In Syria, there is a clear answer to Cain’s question: “Yes, we are our brother’s keeper.” Act we must! But the clear moral preference is for […]