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Evangelicals (my people!) are late-comers to the anti-abortion fight

imagesAs I’ve repeated over and over again, I grew up in a conservative fundamentalist church. We were considered evangelicals, and never — not once — did the topic of abortion come up in my church — not in sermons (I went to three a week), not in Sunday school, not even in those embarrassing youth group discussions that made me squirm.

Evangelicals really only came to the party after they organized against Pres. Jimmy Carter’s attempts to deny tax exemption for segregated Christian schools. Then in stepped that bloviator Jerry Falwell, aided by opportunistic Republican party operatives.

This is long, but so worth it. Progressive evangelicalism. Remember that?

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Vote for Obama and risk damnation?

This is a Catholics Called to Witness ad, and it looks pretty — oh, I don’t know — political to me, which would render the organization not worthy of their tax exempt status. If you agree, sign the petition.

You can read more about the ad here and here. You can visit Catholics Called to Witness‘s website here. Want to know about religious organizations and tax exemptions? Here! Let the IRS help you.

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ADDENDUM: Jac sent this, a sermon by a much-respected area minister, Rev. Dr. Carl F. Schultz, Jr. It’s 10 minutes, and Jac asks: He’s talking, at about 6-minute mark, about economic justice Is this political?