As it turns out, Google was evil, after all

So much for Google’s motto, “Don’t Be Evil.” Read what Wired magazine has to say about the behemoth’s Street View cars, which were supposed to map the world, but ended up, from 2007 to 2010, gathering private citizens’ (and public ones’, too) personal information such as passwords, emails and photographs. Here‘s Google’s response. Boiled down, […]

Mothers, let your babies grow up to play video games

But most especially, let your daughters do that. It just might lessen the gender gap in technology, says Dana Goldstein at Slate. Goldstein writes: The tech gap begins at home, where boys get their first computers and video game consoles at a younger age than girls and are more likely to play with toys that […]

Religion should not fear technology

So says Lisa Miller at Washington Post’s Belief Watch. Miller, who recently stumbled across a Sikh smart phone app called FlyRight writes: Technology can greatly enhance religious practice. Groups that restrict and fear it participate in their own demise. And thanks, Sharon, for the link.