TrusTED says: Let’s bring fatty crap back to ‘Murica’s lunchrooms

Because I couldn’t find the channel changer, I watched Ted Cruz (stop what you’re doing, and go here now) tell a screaming Indianapolis rally that when his wife, Heidi, is First Lady, there’ll be French fries back in school lunchrooms. This is not the first time he’s said such a thing. He said “French,” not …

Whoosh! And around the bend (forever) goes Glenn Beck

Bloviating Bloviator Glenn Beck says that God gathered Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia home as a wake-up call so that Sen. Ted Cruz…well, I can’t even finish that sentence. You can learn more here. And thanks, Amanda, for the link.

Why, HERE’s another Cruz supporter

Mike Bickle, about whom you can read more here. And here’s the announcement of this minister’s endorsement of the Lipless Canadian. And no, Bro. Mike. People don’t get mad because this is “politically incorrect.” They get mad because you’re misquoting the scriptures and sounding like a big ol’ jackass. You’re making the rest of us look …

Now that the Iowa caucus is over:

Iowa voters are attuned to the issues that matter most. God bless ‘Murica. The New York Times said Ted Cruz dealt Donald Trump a “humbling loss,” though no one expects The Donald to be humbled, and votes for the candidates above were thisclose.

If we applied common commentary tropes to the Waco massacre:

If we approached the recent Waco massacre that occurred during a biker beef (where nine people were killed, and more than 1,000 weapons have been found) the way we approach other news events: We would ask “Where are the fathers?” as Republican Ted Cruz did after the Baltimore uprising. We would look for moderate bikers …