Why are people leaving religion?

Leftover sends this, a PRRI study on why people are leaving religion in the U.S. According to the study, people tend to just stop believing, usually by the age of 30. This means the so-called Nones (people who profess no religious belief) are growing. Time to up the door-knocking, Christians! (Just kidding.)    

More refugees are coming

The U.S. plans to increase the number of refugees we accept to 110,000, starting on Oct. 1. That’s a 30 percent increase over the 85,000 goal  this year. So who will we be letting in? For starters, coming in as a refugee would be the stupidest way, for a terrorist. So don’t buy that hype. Here …

Just because it’s awesome

U.S. Olympic runner Ajee’ Wilson finished in second place in her 800-meter semifinal race, and then waited to greet the last-place finisher, Houleye Ba of Mauritania, as she crossed the finish line. I don’t know. There are a lot of Moments at this Olympics, and for me, this is one of those.

UK doctors will soon record presence of guns in patients’ homes

You can read more about that here. Think we’d ever do that here in the U.S.? Having just watched on CT-N one of the most ignorant debates I’ve ever seen on the toxic mix of guns and domestic violence, I can predict that even here in blue-state Connecticut, this would be a tough sale. (The …